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Running With LeftHanded Scissors

Rob here.  One of the cofounder’s of LeftHand Media Co-op.  With this blog we are going to be scribbling about a variety of topics centered on LeftHand’s formative growth, some of our clients topics and some of our favorite creations.

Todays topic.

Why a Co-op?

LeftHand Media Co-op was conceived out of a creative partnership I established with Ray, Chris & Dave to achieve some really interesting and ambitious communications goals while I was working at the BC Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) as a union member organizer.

During this time we produced some nice content but before we could produce some of our most impressive ideas my time at PSAC ended.

It was at this juncture that we decided the collection of talents that we had assembled had value and should continue to be used for the socially progressive values that had inspired our initial formation through the PSAC.

So right from the outset the ideals of worker-centric organizing and social justice were fundamental considerations in our team.  We formed to strive to provide interesting and entertaining platforms for that narrative so why wouldn’t we try to exemplify those principles in the structure of our fledgling business?

How are we going to achieve these ideals?

  • Become a co-operative
  • Unionize our membership

We all knew generally what a co-op was.  The specifics turned out to be surprisingly complicated.  I suspect purposefully so…

Coming in the next installment…

How long does it take to incorporate?


Peace & Solidarity,

Rob Hellenius