LeftHand Media Co-op

LeftHand Media Co-op

Rob Hellenius / Vice-President

One of LeftHand Media’s founding members, Rob Hellenius is a passionate advocate for social/eco/enviro justice and noble purpose. He was the primary instigator in developing LeftHand Media as a workers co-op and a unionized workplace.

Rob comes out of the labour movement where he has been at various points a rank and file activist, a local president, staff organizer, educator, and communications director.

A true multi disciplinarian Rob can and has been counted on to fill any of the following roles: campaign strategist, campaign organizer, political strategist, social media manager, researcher, web designer, graphics designer, communications writer, videographer, animator, music composer, course designer and facilitator.

Rob used to be funny as well but years of political activism has depleted this particular aspect. In an effort to replenish his sense of comedy Rob has been rigorously studying the works of Douglas Adams, Monty Python, and Frédéric Chopin to determine why the number 42, fish slapping, and the key of Ab Major amongst other devices are funny and to determine if that answer can be reliably formulated into a universal gag that can be used to promote a nurturant progressive social model and the general betterment of mankind.